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We are very considerate of your environment and keep dust under control.

At Full Finish Dry Wall we specialize in repairs of all sorts and types, we also provide proposals for new work, remodels, basements, and additions.  Residential and Light Commercial occupied projects are what we do best.

No job is too small or too big.  We can repair water damage, or stress cracks.  We can also fix areas that were originally designed too small for a big screen TV.

We use quality products and perform quality work. 

We will remove old acoustical (popcorn) then prep the area for paint.

 We provide texturing of your choice.
Our finish is a smooth finish (level 5).

Space Too Small?

Remove the unused fireplace to make room for the big screen TV.

Material and Labor Proposals

We can give you estimates based on the cost of the materials as well as how much the labor will be.


From start to finish we will make sure the job is done right the first time and the design is what you need.


We design the framework to provide a smooth finish.

Service & Repair

  • Water Damage
  • Holes and Patches
  • Finishing
  • Remove Popcorn