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" I had a pipe burst and a minor flood in my basement. It took a couple months to get everything cleaned out and one of my last efforts was to get all the drywall repaired. I located Full Finish in my online search, called Wade Hansen for a quote. He came by quickly, gave me a quote, which was very fair, but very thorough. He also gave me some advice since the previous work was a bit shoddy. He gave me a schedule, showed up on time, was very helpful, did a great job, both in quality and in matching the previous drywall finishes perfectly. I highly recommend Full Finish and Wade for a solid, quality finish, at a very fair price. You can't beat them for a great job at a good price."
"I used this company over a year ago and I had excellent service. So when I needed them again, I did not hesitate to call them again to take care of my drywall needs. I had a leek in my kitchen ceiling both times and the contractor was Wade Hansen he came out right away both times and was able to make the repairs within one day and left me with a beautiful finish. I was so happy with the results and the fact that we did not have to paint the ceiling was awesome, it was a perfect match. I felt when the job had ended that I could have people over right away, He used drop clothes and a curtain to contain all the debris of drywall and dust. At the end of the job they cleanup and put everything back exactly as it was before they showed up. This is a great company, and I would use them again and will refer them to my close friends and family."
"Wade Hansen installed drywall on a basement finish in my home last November.  We are very pleased with the quality of the finished product. I solicited several bids when considering potential contractors with whom to work with a significant variance in price across initial bids.  Wade was not the least expensive, however, was very clear in breaking out the components of the cost, giving me comfort with respect to the bid.  Additionally, Wade’s final cost came within $60 of the initial bid.  Having worked with several contractors on the project, this is the exception rather than the rule, where contractors will “under bid” a project with the expectation of working to charge additional charges as the project progresses. Wade spent a fair amount of time evaluating the rough in of our basement prior to beginning the installation.  He worked with our carpenter to ensure that the framing was in order to ensure that the drywall would hang correctly. Timing was an additional consideration with respect to our project.  Wade had a small window within which to complete the drywall.  He began and finished the project as promised, with no delays. I was very concerned going into the installation process about the potential to see seams after the installation.  Wade did an excellent job finishing the drywall, such that no seams are visible in my basement. Texturing is an additional element to consider.   To the extent that the texture does not match that that exists through the rest of one’s home, it is very noticeable.  There is no noticeable transition from the texture (in my case, knock down) in the finished basement to that of the rest of my home.  I am very pleased with how this turned out. Drywall installation is a very messy process.  Wade was diligent in minimizing the amount of dust and debris associated with the project. As I write this, my wife and I are still renovating our house.  I anticipate working with Wade on additional projects as they arise within the next several months."
"I recently hired Wade Hansen and Full Finish Drywall for a couple of projects in a house that I had purchased.  The job was to remove the popcorn ceilings from the living and dining rooms on both sides of the duplex, and to remove some fake brick that had been applied with heavy duty adhesive to one wall in the kitchen.  The finish texture that I wanted was a smooth finish.  Wade and his assistant performed these tasks admirably, and were on time, prompt and courteous.  The texture of the surfaces in question is excellent, with no visible seams, or sanding marks.  The clean-up was stellar, especially given the fact that the project created a lot of drywall dust.  The prices were very reasonable.  I would definitely hire Full Finish Drywall again, and would definitely recommend Wade to any client that is looking for top-notch drywall services at a very competitive price."
"I have known Wade for 25+ years his quality is exceptional and is very reliable."
D. Martin
"Looks great in side our home like new! I recommend Full Finish Dry Wall"
"tough job well done thanks Wade."
"Well worth the cost, Wade did all work. His prices were fair. The workmanship was out standing."
"We had several cracks thru out our home that we just purchased, luckily we found Full Finish Dry Wall LLC You wouldn't know if there was any damage at all."

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